Services for every aspect of your product.

The diverse skills of the Fueled team enable us to professionally customize our services to meet your strategic, design and development needs in mobile and web projects. From the full project to the à la carte service, we help our clients get the best out of their projects. Our renowned strategy and planning team works with world-class brand and digital design experts. We create beautiful, intuitive designs that enable top developers to use flexible and flawless code.


Product Design

Great products start with great design. There are hundreds of decisions to make when it comes to product design, but making the right choices requires talent and experience. That’s where our expert UI/UX guidance comes in. Let us help you cut through the complexity and achieve a result that feels just right.

  • Design Sprints

  • Design Prototypes

  • UI/UX Research and Analysis

  • UI/UX Design and Production

  • Product Branding and Icons


Mobile and Embedded Device Development

We are proud of our engineering-focused culture. Our work emphasizes strong architectural foundations followed by development with engineering best practices.  We won't evade the engineering challenges of building world-class mobile applications.

  • iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and CarPlay Development – Swift, Objective-C

  • Android and Android Auto Development – Kotlin, Java, Angular

  • Hybrid App Development – React Native

  • Embedded Device Software Development – iOS and Android

  • App Maintenance and Rescue

  • Technical Consulting and Training


Web Development

Where live data and communications are involved, web services are needed. We specialize in scalable, performant backends to handle any amount of traffic in almost any use case. Supplying big data to audiences that number in the tens of millions is no sweat for us. We build software to stand the test of time and that can be enhanced as your business needs grow.

  • Web Front-End Development

  • Back-End Services and API Development – Node.js, .NET, Go

  • Cloud System Consulting – AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku

  • Technical Consulting and Training


Strategy and Growth

Building a working product is only half the story. Sometimes the problem may be figuring out what exactly you should build for your customers. Or maybe you already have a product and need help figuring out how you can multiply your user base. We can help by optimizing your existing user base, expanding to untapped markets, and building a product roadmap that leaves your competitors in the dust.

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Proposals

  • Product Roadmap Proposals

  • Product Development Process and Team Building

  • Product Growth and Marketing Strategy

Focusing at Work

Technical Leadership and On-Site Support

A top notch team deserves strong leadership. In cases where you have more talent than you can manage (literally), we have the solution you need in a time frame you’d, under normal circumstances, not be able to afford. We can provide tech leadership, system architects, and project managers on a moment’s notice. Don’t settle for a day of downtime.

  • On-Site Team Leadership

  • On-Site Development Training

  • On-Site Team Augmentation