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Lite Package

Free to Apply

Afraid of Additional Cost,
No Issue to Apply for Free

  1. Advance Analytic & Big Data.

  2. Comprehensive & User-Friendly Admin Portal.

  3. Dedicated Technical Support.

  4. Each Unit allow to register up to 5 users. 

Features provided:

  • Announcement

  • Visitation 

  • Direct Message

  • Billing & Payment 

  • Emergency Button

Standard Package


One-Time Payment

Paid Once Use Forever

  1. One Time Payment, Use Forever For Your Community.

  2. 1 Tablet with Anti-Theft Stand Provided.

  3. Advance Analytic & Big Data. 

  4. Comprehensive & User-Friendly Admin Portal.

  5. Dedicated Technical Support.

  6. Each Unit allow to register up to 5 users. 

Features Provided:

  • Visitation

  • Announcement

  • Emergency Button

  • Maintenance Support

  • Facility Reservation

  • Direct Message

  • Billing & Payment

  • E-Polling

  • Advertising Platform

Exclusive Package


Every Year

Perfect for Developers


Management Company

  1. Your Company have managed at least 5 condos and above.

  2. Have your Own Hosting Server for MY Residence System.

  3. Provide White Label Service.

  4. Customization on App UI/UX.

  5. Dedicated Technical Support.

  6. Advance Analytic & Big Data.



Available Now

Biztory Accounting System

1. A monthly Charges will be charged by our partner (Pricing Plan)

2. Features Partner: Biztory Cloud Accounting Software

Advertising Platform

Management just have to submit the advertisement to EzLiving Solutions Sdn. Bhd. for reviewing only.