To provide a proper tool to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the management to serve the residents better.

Why Our App?

1. 100% Secure and Reliability

- We are more secure than others as all user data information will be protected by our system.

- Through our system, your community will be more secure and prevent any suspicious person. 

- Our system prevent 99.95% of cyber attack.

2. Reduce Workload

- We can promise that the management and guard house can reduce the workload until the minimum level, so you can allocate the resources to other places that required extra help. 

- Our system only required few people to manage.

3. Total Solution Platform

- We are a user friendly, time-saving, and cost-saving platform.

- We provide customisation for any request. 

4.Win-Win Situation

- Our system wish to achieve a win-win situation with Management where management can receive and manage the advertisements by themselves through our system without any hidden charges. 

5. Real-Time Solutions

- We provide 24 hours technical support to the management. 

- We ensure the management can provide real-time emergency assistance.

- We ensure the management can provide real-time maintenance support.

- We ensure the end-user can get the real-time push notifications from the management. 

6. We listen to our customers

- We are keen to receive every feedback from our customers.

- We will keep improving our system to serve our customers more better.

- We strike to provide the best solutions to our customers.


Management's Benefits

1) Time-Saving

Minimise face-to-face interaction with residents

2) Cost-Saving

Require fewer staff to do the same amount of work.

3) User-Friendly Platform

Provide a user-friendly interface to achieve operational goals through effective communication.

4) Integrate Work Orders

Eliminating administrative burden, thus enabling management office to focus on core business activities efficiently.

5) Eco-Friendly Process

No printing required for documentation, print as and when necessary.


Resident's Benefits

1) Real-time Notification

Pop-up notification will notify residents of the latest notifications and important announcements.

2) Various Convenience Features

Enable residents to check facility availability and maintenance in real time and obtain property maintenance solutions; all at your fingertips.

3) User Friendly Interface

Simple, straight-to-the-point, easy-to-use interface design

Product Features


Facility Reservation

Facility Reservation provides a centralized booking management to the users which allows residents to conveniently book the facilities that available in their residential area and management able to schedule the facilities availability.


Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support allows the residents to make report to the management easily by taking a picture of the incident, type in a short description and share the location. Other than that, the management also able to keep track on their work task of the report made and solve it on schedule


Direct Message

Direct Message is the feature that allow management to send message to specific units in private.


Emergency Button

This emergency button in the app served as a SOS call that will notified the family members of the household, the guardhouse or security and also the management to call for assistance.


By using this function, the management able to track down the history of the SOS call for further references and be more effective and efficiency in solving any emergency issue.



E-Polling served as the supportive features to benefit the management as E-Polling is create a poll and call on residents to vote.



Visitation allows the residents to register their visitors in advance. This increase the effectiveness of the visitor registration process, and reduce the workload of the guardhouse, it also protects visitor’s personal information. The guardhouse only need to verify the visitor by scanning the QR code that generated during the registration process by the resident in advance.



This Feature allows management to post announcement that will notified each residents about the announcement to ensure that the message is delivered effectively and efficiently to the residents. This reduced the printing cost of the management and it is time saving as it is convenient.

ADD-ON Features


Advertising Platform

User will be seeing advertisement in the Application as we will be receiving advertisements from the outsiders or other companies. And in future, we will open this features to management as they can collect or receive advertisements from the outsiders to raise or increase their fund to make good use of it.


Billing & Payment

This feature allows the residents to make payment of their maintenance fees through the App. Residents also able to check their payment history through the App.


For management, they can easily issue invoices, bills and collect payments through the App. They can also track record of the payment status of each household, and send notice to remind those who have not make payment.

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